Services We Offer

Individual Walks


The consistency of having the same two walkers


Walk times to fit your schedule 


Experienced walkers


Individual walks are best for puppies, seniors or dogs with behavioral issues  



*The discount applies per week

*Housemates discount available 


Group Walks

(max 3dogs)

Dogs are never left unattended when picking up another dog


Walk times to fit your schedule


Experienced walkers


Best for active and social dogs, that enjoy the company of other dogs.



*The discount applies per week

*Housemates discount available



Playtime is in a home setting


Fun filled days with lots of playtime and walks


All in a secure risk free home setting


No crates just free room




*Pickup available for an additional charge



Boarding in an apartment setting just like being home.


Helping to make it stress free.


No kennels and no crates. 


Wherever your dog is used to sleep that's where he will sleep while you are a way.




*Pickups after 12 pm will be charge for daycare

*Includes 3 walks per day

Over Night


Don't want your dog feeling out of sorts while you are away?


Over night care in your apartment includes 3 walks










Home Visits

Puppies Visits

30 min visit 

Includes feeding, cleaning out litter box and playtime.


Homevisits for cats,  birds and any other small creatures that need care while you are away (sorry no snakes)


Puppy visits including feeding, playtime and walk

(depending on age)


*Additional charge for Mail pickup, Watering of plants  

  • Proof of up to date vaccination required including bordatella shot
  • Boarding and Day care only for small or medium non-issue dogs 
  • Walks for all sizes and breeds
  • Experienced with dogs with behavioral issues and dogs with medical needs




It's very important for us to get feed back from out pets we taking care for